Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beatiful Thing Today: Inspiration!

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Allure Sept. issue, I highly suggest you do! It’s full of gorgeous trends, brilliant skin tips and a very motivating and powerful story of weight loss and self-discovery. Oh, and did I mention Kim Kardashian is on the cover (I know people have many mixed feelings about her, but the girl is a business genius. She could sell tires and make them look sexy.)

The inside story is about Jen Ramey, one of the world’s top model managers, and how she went from unhealthy and obese to healthy and slim. With the help of Angelo Sorrenti, a seventh-degree black belt and health/fitness guru, she starting shedding pounds and gaining muscle at hyper-speed.

Ramey talks about her Sorrenti designed personal fitness plan that addressed her unhealthy lifestyle mind, body and spirit.

This article, written by contributing editor Rory Evans, is one of the most inspirational articles I have read in a beauty magazine in a while. I have been struggling with my new paleo-lifestyle change (I fell off the wagon a couple of days ago) but I feel rejuvenated and ready to continue on my journey.

I am trying to look at food as fuel, not therapy, and desserts at special treats, not after meal snacks. The biggest issue was carrying containers of food to school every day because even though they were in my Tiffany’s shopping bag (the thought of using a lunchbox was too much), I still felt watched and judged by people.

No longer! If a top model manager in NYC can still be seen as glamorous with her GladWare, so can I!


  1. I have a love-hate relationship with the Kardashians. They make terrible role models for young women, but their craziness make for good TV.

    I am Fickle Cattle.

  2. I agree..their show makes great TV because it is sooo crazy!

  3. Well now Ms. Ramey is on Sorrenti's website saying that he urged her to delay treatment for possible BREAST CANCER until she finished her diet program. What??? He is NOT a doctor! If true, this is SO irresponsible!
    I hope she makes it. . .

  4. OMG! that is irresponsible! I hope she finds inner strengh and peace through everything...she is a beautiful woman!